Caribbean Cruise - November, 2001

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The beautiful Southern Caribbean was the location for this recently concluded Card Player Cruises poker vacation. There are many photos here for you to enjoy especially for those of you who were not fortunate enough to join us on the cruise. We saw sights, enjoyed the water activities, and we played a heck of a lot of poker too. We visited six ports on this ten day adventure and each one was as nice or nicer than the previous one. There were waterfalls, volcanoes, museums, churches, fabulous vistas, and all day touring trips. Aboard the ship, there was poker, poker tournaments and the winners' photos, more poker, dancing, and hanging out. Please take a moment and check out the pictures!

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Cardroom Action
Bad Beat!
Diane Taylor
Mike Sprando
The Pitons
Ilsa de Margarita

Photos 2001, Jan Fisher