Oasis of the Seas Caribbean Cruise Blog - Aug 2015
Part 1

Linda Johnson and I are writing from the amazing Oasis of the Seas. We are on a ďFAMĒ or advance week of our Caribbean adventure to be sure that we get everything set up perfectly for you, our guests, during the following two weeks of poker cruises. Of course, itís not a bad job and we get to enjoy all of the shows and excursions we miss while tending to our poker room and customers. Prior to boarding the ship, we received a text from Royal Caribbean letting us know that the itinerary was being changed this week due to Hurricane Danny. We were supposed to go to the Eastern Caribbean this week but will now be going to Cozumel and Costa Maya instead of St. Thomas and St. Maarten. The cruise line will always steer away from any potential problems and will not allow you to be in harmís way. I like that they err on the side of caution.

We arrived at the cruise terminal at 2:10 p.m. and were on the ship by 2:25 p m. The Oasis of the Seas is our favorite ship. We were greeted by one of the waitresses who remembered us from two previous voyages on this ship. We grabbed a snack in the Windjammer, the shipís buffet, then went to the 4 p.m. fire drill. The good news is that you no longer have to bring your life jackets to the drill. The life vests are in your muster station area now instead of taking up room in your cabin.

So far, weíve been very pleased with our experience. Lindaís mom and brother joined us for this trip so weíve been a little more ďtouristyĒ than we ordinarily would be had it just been the two of us. We ate in the dining room both nights and were very impressed with the dining room food and service. The welcome aboard comedy show was good, then we played a game show, and then I sang some karaoke.

After a mere 10 hours of sleep, I got up at 10:30 and went to the gym. We docked in Nassau today but opted to stay on the ship and play trivia and get in some pool time. Tonight, we saw the full- length Broadway production of CATS. At least 2/3 of the audience left during the intermission. Though the cast and costumes were terrific, itís my opinion that CATS is a poor choice for a show on a cruise ship; itís hard to follow, not really upbeat, and has few memorable tunes. Donít get me wrong, Iím an Andrew Lloyd Weber fan, but donít think this is his best.

In closing my blog of the first two days on the Oasis, here are some tips for you that will make your cruise more enjoyable.

1. Donít overpack! Bring the minimum you think you will need. The closets in most cabins on the ship are small.

2. You wonít be allowed in your cabins until 1 p.m. I suggest you sleep in and arrive at the cruise terminal between 2:30 and 3 p.m. You will avoid the crowds that way and be able to go straight to your cabins. Donít forget to bring a copy of your online check-in papers with you.

3. Use the safe in your room for your passport, credit cards, and extra money you donít need to carry around the ship.

4. Donít bring alcohol, knives, irons, etc. with you. If they are found in your luggage, they will take your luggage to security and you will have to go claim it, minus the confiscated items of course.

5. Bring lots of sunscreen and a hat to wear. Itís very hot here and the UV is high in the Caribbean.

6. The comedy show only accommodates 135 people per show and there are 6,000+ passengers on the ship. Book your show reservations online before you leave home.

7. If you havenít already booked your shore excursions online, go to the shore excursion desk on deck 5 as soon as possible.

8. Get to know the Park Cafť. Its bagel bar, fresh fruit, and egg sandwiches are a good way to start the day before you go to the poker room. Lunch features scrumptious roast beef sandwiches, soups, Paniniís, and a salad bar.

9. Make a copy of your passport before you leave home. You should not take your passport off the ship in ports.

10. Your cabin steward will greet you sometime during your first 24 hours on the ship. Let him or her know if you need ice, extra towels, the beds together or apart, extra blankets, etc.

We likely will write another blog or two to let you know whatís happening on the ship.

Weíre looking forward to some poker!

Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson