Queen Elizabeth 2 Poker Cruise

The Queen Elizabeth 2 Transatlantic Crossing cruise was a resounding success, although not like any cruise that Card Player Cruises had taken before. Six days at sea seemed more like a few days on a lake. The water was so calm at times, you couldn't even feel the ship in motion. The poker action was lively and three tournaments were held. Omaha 8/b and hold'em were the main games although some stud high as well as stud hi/lo were also spread upon occasion. There was also a mixed game where triple draw lowball and Chinese poker were included! The food on the ship was outstanding and the service second to none. Really, the only drawback was that this ship had a dress code in the evenings and you know how that goes over with poker players!

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New York City Times Square Bob Walker
New York City
Times Square
Omaha 8/B Winner
Seniors Willer Hold'em Winners
Mike O'Malley
Seniors Winner
Hold'em Winners
Mike O'Malley
Tournament Action Big Winner Formal Attire
Tournament Action!
Big Winner
Formal Attire