Meet Our Team

Tina Napolitano  - CEO (Managing Partner)

Tina Napolitano was originally born in London, England and moved with her husband Mark (married for 33 years) and 2 children to America 25 years ago. With a combined entrepreneurial business sense, Tina and her business partner Mark have co-founded many successful companies. From import and export of giftware from China to Europe, to being on the front line of the development and launch of online poker.

Tina Napolitano

Co-founders of (1st online poker portal with the vision of a player and casino database), (The first online poker educational platform, which is still being run  by PokerStars today). They also developed a multi player poker software. With knowledge of business and the poker world it was a perfect fit for them to join with Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher to become the managing partners of Card Player Cruises. 

Mark Napolitano  - CFO (Managing Partner)

Mark has been in business with his wife Tina for 33 years. With Mark generally focusing on finances and Tina taking more of a managing position they have been fortunate enough to enjoy many successes. For the past 25 years they have been in the poker business. Poker has been Marks passion for over 40 years. He loves travel and hopes to see most of the world before his traveling days are over.

Mark Napolitano

Card Player Cruises is the perfect business!! "I am lucky enough to cruise around the world with my lifetime partner (Tina) and many friends, play poker with an incredible family of cruisers and feed my desire to be successful just one more time in business"

Linda Johnson - Partner

Linda Johnson has been involved with Card Player Cruises since 1992. As an acclaimed and well known professional poker player and an avid cruiser, it made perfect sense for Linda to combine her two loves and share it with others. Linda can be counted on to ensure that our passengers have the best cruise experience possible.

Linda Johnson

From teaching beginner's poker to heading exciting shore excursions, Linda is an incredible asset to Card Player Cruises and our customers love her. Read more

Jan Fisher - Partner

Jan Fisher has decades of experience in the poker industry. From dealer to tournament coordinator, she knows how a poker room should be run. Jan has been with the company for over 25 years and loves sharing her extensive and intimate knowledge of cruising with others.

Jan Fisher

With her combined knowledge of poker cruising and desire to make sure everyone has a great time, she is an invaluable and friendly resource for our customers. Read more

Tyler Willse - Tournament Director

Tyler is a poker dealer, supervisor, and tournament director who has nearly 10 years of experience in the poker industry and has worked in at least 5 different countries and on cruise ships sailing to 5 different continents.

Tyler Willse

In 2010 he joined the CardPlayer Cruises team as a dealer and has been a part of the family ever since. Between the customers and co-workers whom he now considers friends, the exciting cities around the world, the poker action, and the buffet, how could he not love coming on the cruises? In addition to his passion for dealing, Tyler has an affinity for exploration. He enjoys immersing himself in new cultures and has been blessed with countless unforgettable experiences over the course of his travels to more than 70 countries. When he is not exploring the world he can usually be found somewhere in the Pacific Northwest where he works at a local poker room. On his rare days off he enjoys various activities such as hiking, scuba diving, playing card games or random sports with friends, and volunteering at his church.

Pat Guiterrez - Tournament Registration

Pat was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She now resides in Laughlin, Nevada. Pat retired from her career with Travelers Insurance Company in 2010, after 37 years of service. She worked her way up from secretary to Regional Vice President; working in the Albuquerque, Phoenix, Denver, and Dallas offices. Pat’s attention to detail makes her a perfect fit for her tournament registration position. When not cruising, Pat’s favorite past times are cooking and playing poker.

Pat Guiterrez

Pat has been a member of the Card Player Cruises family since 2005, when her late husband, Bill, became a poker dealer with the company. True to Pat’s nature, she was always helping out wherever it was needed. She became an official member of the team in 2013, when she was offered the position of tournament registration. Pat loves exploring the world with her CPC family and friends, and is always excited to greet new and existing customers.

Beverly Thomas - Shift Manager

Beverly is originally from California. In 1987 she relocated to Lake Tahoe (Stateline) Nevada to take a temporary job in the Casino industry. 31 years later she is still at it! Poker became her passion. Opportunities opened that dreams are made of. Her first Card Player Cruises voyage was in 1992. By 2004 they rarely sailed without her.

Beverly Thomas

Holding positions of Dealer, Cashier, Office Manager and whatever else that comes up, it has become her family. The Owners, Hosts, Staff and most of all, the friends that cruise with Card Player Cruises have made it possible to travel the world doing what she loves. On land, Beverly, and her husband Daryl, are located just north of Seattle, WA. Beverly works at the Tulalip Casino.