Card Player Cruises Terms of Service and Covid Protocols Onboard Royal Caribbean Ships

Based on our agreement with Royal Caribbean it is essential that all our guests are aware of the following terms of service. All terms must be complied with at all times when traveling with us on one of our Poker Cruises.

Current Covid Rules for our groups (last updated October 25th 2021)

1. Only guests that have been vaccinated for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 (with vaccines as determined by Cruise Line to be acceptable) will be allowed to enter our poker room. Anyone booking in our group that is traveling with an unvaccinated guest will not be allowed to enter our poker room and will be moved out of our group prior to sailing. They will still be able to take the cruise but will not be able to be part of our group.

2. All guests will be required to provide a negative Antigen or PCR Covid test taken no more than 2 days prior to boarding day. The negative test result will be required at the port in order to board the ship. Please bring (ideally) a printed hard copy of the test result or (alternatively) an emailed copy on your phone.

3. All guests (and staff) shall sanitize their hands using hand sanitizer wipes or gel prior to joining, or changing, tables, as well as after each cash transaction. Card Player Cruises will supply hand sanitizer at each table. Royal Caribbean will supply Purell hand sanitizer stands and hand sanitizer at each conference room entrance and exit.

4. Royal Caribbean have a very informative page that we recommend you look over prior to sailing. Check out GETTING READY TO CRUISE


General Rules

1. Anyone that has booked their cabin with anyone other than Card Player Cruises will not be allowed to participate in our poker group or poker games. This includes any cabins booked with the Royal Caribbean Casino (Club Royale). Some offers from the casino may be applicable (as a discount) to your booking with Card Player Cruises. At time of booking with Card Player Cruises please inquire if any such offers are available to be applied. For clarity, any booking made directly with the casino must be excluded from our poker group.

2. Onboard Casino Chips and Slot Tickets issued by Cruise Line may not be used in the Card Player Cruises Poker Room for any purpose whatsoever. For clarity they may not be used for cash in or cash out transactions, tournament buy ins and may not be used at the poker tables.

3. For all NET tournament winnings of $5,000 or more, winners will have to complete an IRS form W-2G or a 1042-S before they are able to collect their winnings.

4. Group members under the age of 18 may not enter the Conference room/Poker room at any time during the cruise.

5. No passengers other than Group Members are permitted to be in the Conference room/Poker room at any time.

6. Lewd, obscene or vulgar behavior, smoking and chewing tobacco are not permitted in the Conference room/Poker room and noise level(s) must be maintained at a level deemed acceptable per the sole discretion of the Vessel’s management.

7. Group members may not market or solicit the poker room/Card Player Cruises to any non group member onboard the ship, whether an individual or entity to (a) participate in the poker room and or (b) book a cruise with Card player Cruises, and/or contact Card Player Cruises for the purpose of booking a cruise.

8. Royal Caribbean is not sponsoring, endorsing or promoting the Card Player Cruises Poker Room onboard the vessel and has no involvement in or liability for any gaming activities occurring in the poker room including, but not limited to, the conduct, operation, management or oversight of any gaming activities , the payment of any winnings and/or losses, coverage of any gambling debts, or the advancement of any cash and/or chips.

9. On the last night of each cruise we will begin breaking down the poker room at 9pm and all equipment will be packed and ready to go by 10pm. There can be no exceptions to this rule on the last evening.

Last updated: October 25th, 2021