2 x Pre - Cruises and time in Buenos Aires before the Rio Carnival Cruise


Two Very Different Choices

You are invited to join members of the Card Player Cruises team for two very different pre-cruise options.

1.  Mark and Tina will be arriving in Buenos Aires on Feb 21st, and are planning some exciting excursions. 

2. If you're looking for an adventure at sea, Linda and Jan have booked back to back cruises on the luxurious, Celebrity Eclipse. Details for both events are below.

Option 1 - Cruise # 1 with Linda and Jan to Antarctica and Cruise # 2 with Linda and Jan to Brazil

If you are traveling with us to South America, remember it will be aboard one of the world's most luxurious ships. Fine dining, attentive service and modern luxury are the hallmarks of a Celebrity Cruise. There will be plenty of activities and plenty to see. Would you like to spend even more time on the Celebrity Eclipse? Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher have booked two cruises. One bound to Antarctica and another to Brazil and they're all on the Celebrity Eclipse! You won't even have to leave the ship. There won't be any poker but, all that means is that you will be relaxed and ready for the following poker cruise.


Antarctica Cruise with Linda and Jan - 14 Nights South America 02/03/19 - 02/17/2019

Sailing aboard Celebrity Eclipse from Buenos Aires. Experience Antarctica! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will definitely bring you chills. Hike in Ushuaia and check out the beautiful mountain views. See the actual "Cape Horn" where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet. Explore unique islands and their unusual ecosystems in the southern most part of South America. Seals and penguins are not an unusual sight in these areas.

Antarctica itself is an incredible experience. Blue icebergs haunt the waterways and glaciers stretch beyond what the eye can see.

You'll be traveling with Linda and Jan on this social cruise. As guides, they're the best. If you need anything or have any questions, they're happy to help. We'll keep in touch to inform you of any special excursions they may be planning.


Brazil Cruise with Linda and Jan - 10 Nights South America - 02/17/2019 - 02/27/2019

Sailing aboard Celebrity Eclipse from Buenos Aires

Get a sneak peek of the famous Rio Carnival! There will be one night stay at this famous, country wide festival. Plus, you will have a chance to see even more of beautiful Brazil.


Option 2: Spend Time in Buenos Aires with Mark and Tina

Mark and Tina will be arriving in Buenos Aires early (Feb 21st) and are planning three exciting excursions including Iguazu Falls, Gaucho Farm and a night of dinner & tango dancing.

They will be staying at the Mine Hotel in Buenos Aires. Information about the Mine Hotel can be found here.

This is only a small boutique hotel with 20 rooms, so if sold out we can find and book you another hotel close by.

Buenose Aires

Overnight at Iguaza Falls with Mark and Tina

February 23, 2019 Exciting Iguazu Falls sits on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It is the largest waterfall system in the world and a sight you will not want to miss. There will be two half days at the waterfalls. One in Argentina and one in Brazil.

We will be leaving by 4-door sedan from the Mine Hotel in Buenos Aires Feb 23. Then, we will take a short flight to Iguazu Falls. There will be an overnight stay at the American Iguazu Hotel. We return Feb 24 to the Mine Hotel.

If you would like to do this excursion with us, please contact us asap!

Buenose Aires

Day at Gaucho Farm with Mark and Tina

Experience the beauty of Argentina on a real Gaucho Farm. Ride a horse, see beautiful vistas, enjoy a tasty grilled lunch and more. This excursion promises to be a lot of fun and a great day all around. More details coming soon!


Dinner and Tango in Buenos Aires with Mark and Tina

Don't leave Buenos Aires without spending time doing what Buenos Aires is most famous for! A steak dinner and fun Tango Dancing. Mark and Tina will take you out for a night to remember in this incredible city. More details coming soon!

Call to book!